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emBRACE The Smiles

Our Why

At Sencak Orthodontics we truly believe Everyone Deserves a Great Smile. We know that bullying is on the rise and every day children experience bullying in some capacity or another. The American Association of Orthodontists also states that “ONE IN FIVE children in America ages 12-18 experiences bullying annually, and of those, teeth are ranked as the number one feature targeted.”

Our intent behind this initiative is to build confidence one smile at a time. We also hope to build a network of young ambassadors who spread benevolence and work to educate their peers on the importance of embracing others. It’s important for children to feel good about themselves. Learning the importance of self love and embracing others, no matter their faults, must start at a young age. As an orthodontic office, we see there is stigma behind having braces and having jokes made at your expense. By embracing everyone for who they are and accepting their differences, we can become a more united front against bullying.

What is emBRACE The Smiles?

With one smile each year, we will fight bullies together! Each year, Sencak Orthodontics will aid one locally nominated child under the age of 18 who has experienced extreme bullying because of their smile by giving FREE orthodontics treatment. Through an evaluation process, our staff will choose one student in Butler, Allegheny, Mahoning, or Lawrence County to be the recipient of FREE treatment.

How to Nominate

During the open nomination window, the general public can nominate a child that has been known to be bullied due to their teeth alignment. We also encourage our school district educators to nominate students!

Nominations will be a written description/story of the child’s experience with a bully and how it has impacted their life. A photograph of the child smiling must accompany the nomination. Please use the below form to submit a child in need.

Nominations must include the following: 

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s grade
  • Child’s school district
  • Legal Guardian’s contact information (Address, phone, email & name)
  • Nominator’s name & contact
  • Sencak Office preference for treatment
  • Child’s Dentist
  • Date of last dental exam
  • Pictures
    1. Child smiling
    2. Up close of the smile with teeth exposed
    3. Any supporting photo (inside of the mouth, child in an activity etc.)

Nominee Requirements:

  • Child must be 18 years or younger (recommended age to to start treatment is 7)
  • Dental status must be ready to start treatment
  • Must also have good oral hygiene
  • No previous orthodontic care
  • Not in current orthodontic treatment or in-between phases of treatment

Nominees may be asked to come into the office for a complimentary New Patient Exam, and for a short interview. Students will be chosen to receive treatment starting the fall months of the next school year. Before and after pictures will be taken and shared with permission. Nominations for poor oral hygiene will not be processed. We are not a dental office and do not perform routine general dental procedures.

Child's Name(Required)
Nominator's Name(Required)
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 3.
    Please upload the required photos outlined in nomination guidelines.


    • Nominations will be accepted: Sept 11, 2023-May 1, 2024
    • Review Process: June 12-July 1, 2024
    • All entries will receive feedback by Aug 1, 2024
    • Initial Consultation: Sept 2024
    • Treatment Finish: Pending orthodontic needs and treatment
    • Next round/new Submission Sept 2024

    Please note that ALL SUBMISSIONS must be through our website. No walk-in, mailed or emailed submissions will be accepted.

    The timeline will be followed, please no follow-ups or questions pertaining to the winner after submitting. We will be in contact with all entries.